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A/C Power Issues

Too Many Batteries, Not Enough Time

(Updated 2013-12-10)

Here’s the scene: You are on location. Your hotel room has an A/C power outlet on each wall. One A/C power outlet is behind the bed. All of the outlets are fully loaded with clock radio, table lamps, etc. You walk in with 2 camera bodies (one with a battery grip), your laptop, a Pegasus J4 and a cell phone. You might also have your Vagabond Mini™ Lithium with you.

Here is the question: How many times do you set your alarm so you can get up to change batteries in the chargers to be ready for the next day?

Requirements and assumptions:

  • Must be able to recharge multiple batteries simultaneously.
  • Must allow for one A/C power outlet to drive all of your power needs simultaneously.
  • The multiple battery chargers tend to be large, require separate plates for your battery type and get bad reviews, or are extremely expensive.
  • The OEM chargers are designed for your battery, but only handle one battery at a time and use a wall wart design that negates the advantage of most multi-outlets available.


  • Purchase additional OEM battery chargers.
  • Purchase a C2G, Cables to Go, 1 to 4 A/C power cord splitter. They come in several lengths.
  • If you travel overseas pick up a Ansmann All-In-One 3 Universal Travel Adapter:
    • This worldwide all-in-one travel adapter is suitable for most applications and can be used with class I devices (max. 2500W) unlike many alternatives.
    • The 2 part adapter allows connecting to devices with earth pin protected plugs (three prong).
    • It can be used worldwide in over 150 countries.
    • This travel adapter can be used for the following plug systems: Australia, America, Great Britain (UK), Italy, Switzerland, Europe.
    • What is truly unique about it, although probably not important here, is that it goes all ways (i.e.: a European can use it in America).
    • Our copy also included a cloth carrying bag.

We unscientifically tested the “Ansmann All-In-One 3 Universal Travel Adapter” by giving our copy to a flight attendant, hoping we would see her again, who subsequently used it throughout Europe and Asia over several months and came back with rave reviews. The most telling review being, she did not return it. Oh well, we will just have to record that as, “destructive testing”.

(Note:  In the interest of full disclosure, if you follow the Adorama Pegasus J4 link above, and buy something, you will help support this site. Thanks!)